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BRIL’s Post-Mould Graphics

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BRIL’s Post-Mould Graphics

Do you have Plastic Products that need to be re-branded? Or, do you feel like decorating your old plastic products so that they look new and attractive? If your answer is yes, then we have a revolutionary product for you. We present this unique range of Post-Mould Indelible Graphic Solution, specifically designed for the Plastic Articles manufactured earlier. These indelible graphics work like permanent stickers on plastics. You can choose to decorate any kind of Plastic Products, even after years of its manufacture with the range of BRIL's Post-Mould Graphics.

If you are dealing with plastic products that come with a set of instructions, then you can use BRIL's Post-Mould Graphics to print Instruction Labels or Information Labels on the product itself. This one-time printing solution relieves the customers to save the instruction manual for years. No doubt, the concept can also be used for branding and other similar applications as Pre-Mould Graphics

These Graphics are designed to withstand harshest of possible conditions, making them last long till the lifetime of the plastic product itself. This may not only add a dimension to your brand value but would also stop your products from being misused.