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BRIL's Pre-Mould Graphics

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BRIL's Pre-Mould Graphics

This is a traditional type In-Mould Graphics Solution. In simpler terms, in this process, you can apply permanent stickers on the mould before the moulding process. These types of indelible graphics (Rotomould Labels) are designed to meet the harshest process parameters of Rotomoulding and thus, are compatible with Blow & Injection moulding concepts too.

It is the simplest form of Permanent Graphics that suits perfectly in the outdoor conditions. The inherent properties of our in-mould graphics, retains it on the plastic articles till the lifetime, without losing its sheen or beauty. BRIL's Pre-Mould Graphics offer a better brand showcase, as a result, it makes the prints stand out and capture more attention.

With these Pre-Mould Graphics, there is no need to make the plastic articles wait for its decoration, as these permanent labellings can be applied during the moulding stage itself. Unlike regular graphic options which need you to build a stock of inventory of inks and screens, our range of Pre-Mould Graphics are a single time affair.

BRIL’s Pre-Mould Graphics are the cheapest of its kind in the planet. It cannot be included in the production cost but has to be considered in the advertisement cost. As the brand will be visible till the lifetime of the product, the ROI can only be calculated over the period of time.