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BRIL’s Rotorelease

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BRIL’s Rotorelease

Rotorelease RM-1191 from Meunch-Chemie aka BRIL’s Rotorelease is a water based semi-permanent Mould Release Agent, which helps to provide 8 to 12 demouldings per application in Rotomoulding. The same no. of demouldings are guaranteed regardless of the quality of the Rotopowder.

The temperature stability of BRIL’s Rotorelease is up to 450°C and it’s a ready-to-use product. Also, it is completely solvent-free and suitable for all plastic types, especially PE & PP.

It will not get transferred on the moulded articles and reduces the residues on the mould surface. You can see the increased glossiness of the demoulded article with our BRIL’s Rotorelease and is friendly in nature to the mould material.