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With a host of products like Pre-Mould & Post-Mould graphics, Mould Release Agents and Surface Enhancers we intend to provide permanent Solutions for Brilliant seekers in the Plastic Industry. Hence, the name “BRILliantSOLutions”.

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  • Be it Rotational Moulding or Blow Moulding or Injection Moulding the industry is now aware about the shortfalls of Screen Printing or Engraved Plates or other Graphic methods. We are talking about Permanently Decorating the plastic articles. The Graphic stays on the Plastic permanently on any harsher environment.

  • 3 years of extensive study & research made us to zero down on perfect ingredients of the graphics for different Moulding techniques. Furthermore, the Mould Release Agent, Surface Enhancer, Roto Clay will add great value & life to your plastic articles. And now, we leave the choice of Graphic selection to the Moulders.

  • BRIL’s Injection Release is a fantastic anti-adhesive. A silicone free product, permits subsequent painting, galvanization, chromium plating & welding.

Welcome to BRILSOLindelible graphics solutions

The first of its kind in India and only the fourth in entire planet. Opt for permanent labelling of your plastic products with BRIL's Indelible Graphic Solutions and give your brand the recognition that it deserves.

For an effective branding, use BRIL's Indelible Graphics that can act as holograms for your products.

Our In-Mould Graphics are permanent and indestructible, which makes your products absolutely impossible to replicate.

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